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4 New PINCHO Plates You Can Feel Good About
We’ve all come into 2021 with a vision for better things – a better year, a better version of ourselves, and in all likelihood, better eating habits. (We get it, we wish we could get away with eating a PINCHO Burger every day too.)
When we survey our customers, almost half of you tell us healthier options are the #1 thing that would make you come back and visit PINCHO more often. We’ve heard you loud and clear.
That’s why we’ve curated our favorite PINCHO proteins and sides into four new plates you can feel good about, no matter your diet. Our new Feel Good Plates were designed to take PINCHO from being your favorite spot to treat yourself to a go-to meal option that you really can enjoy multiple times a week.
Two of these protein-packed plates star our pincho skewers that started out as a family recipe. And if you somehow haven’t tried them yet, don’t forget – we’re named PINCHO for a reason.
Now we can’t be held responsible if you’ve come into PINCHO planning to order a bowl or salad and end up walking out with an extra Toston Burger as a “snack” (we’ve been there too). But thanks to our Feel Good plates, you ultimately have all the control over building healthier options without sacrificing flavor.
We’re always listening to our guests, and this is just one more way we’re making it easier for you to get your PINCHO fix on the regular.

Vegetarian Plate
For our vegetarian friends, this new PINCHO Plate is packed with veggies and protein without the meat. It comes with a hearty serving of our roasted veggies, along with sides of brown rice and black beans, plus fried cheese, pita, and our signature cilantro sauce.

Keto Plate
Keep it Keto with our chicken pincho skewer and a side salad topped with lemon vinaigrette. We nix the pita on this one but include cilantro sauce and a side of fried cheese – everyone’s favorite high-fat, low-carb option to keep you in ketosis.

High-Protein Plate
Double up on the best part of a PINCHO Plate with double the kebabs. This one’s made for bulking up and comes with steak and chicken pincho skewers, brown rice with black beans, a side salad, pita and cilantro sauce.

The Everyday Plate
Even if you’re not following a specific diet plan, we’ve got a new plate combination that’ll keep you within your calorie budget while letting you enjoy your PINCHO favorites. Choose Vaca Frita (you read that right!) as your main entrée with a side of sweet potato fries, salad with lemon vinaigrette, pita and cilantro sauce.